Turn data in to analytics

To turn data into analytics, you need to go through a process known as data analytics. This process involves transforming raw data into meaningful insights, patterns, and trends that can be used for decision-making and problem-solving. Here are the key steps involved in converting data into analytics: Data Collection: Gather relevant data from various sources, […]

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Simple python scraping code with proxy

Here’s a simple Python code snippet that demonstrates how to scrape a website using a proxy: Make sure to replace ‘proxy_ip’ and ‘proxy_port’ with the appropriate IP address and port number of the proxy you want to use. Additionally, update ‘’ with the actual URL you want to scrape. import requests # Proxy information proxy […]

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Simple PHP Crawl Method Using CURL with Proxy

Make sure to replace ‘your_proxy_host’, your_proxy_port, ‘your_proxy_username’, and ‘your_proxy_password’ with the actual proxy details you have. Also, update the $url variable with the desired target URL. This code sets the necessary cURL options to use a proxy server for the request. It sets the proxy host, proxy port, proxy username, and proxy password using the curl_setopt […]

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