Data Mining (Scraping)

zCube expertise in data mining (scraping)

Data is everwhere ! Data Crawling, Screen Scraping and Spidering is our business. Our services allow you to collect, organise and present data from any website, anywhere in the world.

Have your personalized web site scraping solution, to get you the latest data daily, weekly or monthly.

We understand that collecting data is time consuming and expensive. Our state of the art software and services can automate the process of generating, cleansing, formatting and updating your data.

zCube Data Mining Platform

Our data mining platform is a robost system and setting up any website in few mins and start scraping. Our system has advanced modules such as:

Point-and-Click Interface

Click any web data to extract - zCube Scrapper applies advanced machine learning algorithm to accurately locate the data at the moment you click on it. Open a website in the built-in browser and start a scraping task by clicking and dragging. zCube Scrapper handles all the messy work behind the screen for you.

Deal With All Sorts of Websites

Never be frightened by any complicated website. JavaScript, AJAX, or any dynamic website, we have you all covered. Easily scrape behind a login, fill in forms, input search terms, click through infinitive scroll, switch drop downs and so much more. Capture anything from webpages like text, link, image URL, or html code

Automatic IP Rotation

zCube scraper is supported by thousands of proxy servers, each with a unique IP address. When an extraction task is set to execute, requests are performed on the target website through various IPs, minimizing the chances of being traced and blocked.

What we scrape?


Generate Marketing Leads

We can automatically create a database of potential clients for your marketing department. We can source content from multiple websites, aggregating this to a single database.


Create a Directory

If you manage, or are thinking of creating a directory of services we can provide solutions that scrape all your preferred websites. We can format the data and deliver it to you. We can periodically refresh this data to ensure you stay updated.


Telephone Numbers and Lead Generation

We can extract a database of contact details ready for your marketing team. Tell us where the data is and we will go fetch.


Aggregate Content from Multiple Websites

We can help you collect data from a number of websites, aggregate the data together and deliver this to you in most common data formats.


Market Research and Monitoring

Market research is key when gaining advantage over your business competitors. We can monitor your competitors and provide data to you for comparison.


Database of Email Addresses for Email Marketing

We can collect from the web email addresses of your prospective clients ready for email marketing purposes, newsletter distributions and lead generation.


Automatically collect data for SEO Purposes

We can regularly spider your competitors website, monitoring their SEO preferences. We can report this data back to you in a format you need. Keep tags on your competitors website metatags for best Search Engine Placement.


Automatically cache data from selected Websites

Do you need to analyse website data offline ? Do you need content and data spidered and collected from your competitor websites ? We can manage this for you, scraping the content you require and provide this to you in the format you need.


Compare your prices with your competitors

We can check the prices of your competitors products. We will collect this data and provide it in the format you require. We can regularly schedule your scraping solution to ensure you have the most up to date price comparisons.

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